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;Julia Timofeeva with her friendsDear Friends:

Spring is in the air and we will soon be celebrating Easter with our families and friends. During this time of joy and rebirth we are asking you to remember the children in Russia, many of whose lives have been improved thanks to your care, kindness and support.

In the spring of 2009, we shared with you the story of Julia Timofeeva, who grew up in an orphanage for children with disabilities in Belskoye Ustie in the Pskov region of Russia. Julia was born with cerebral palsy which impacted her motor skills and hindered her ability to walk. The orphanage had neither the funds nor the medical expertise to provide Julia with surgery, proper prosthetics and long-term rehabilitation.

The Russian Children’s Welfare Society (RCWS) sponsored Julia’s treatment and, with the help of the RCWS partner organization "Rostok," took Julia to a hospital in St. Petersburg, Russia, where she had four surgeries on each leg, followed by intensive rehabilitation therapy.

Thanks to the RCWS donors and "Rostok," following all of her treatments, at the age of 19 Julia was miraculously able to stand and take her first steps, and she finally found a home. Julia was taken into foster care by her therapist with whom she lives to this day. Her health has been steadily improving over the past few years which has also allowed her to have more command over her future as she prepares to live independently. If not for the efforts of the "Rostok" and RCWS’s supporters, Julia’s future would have been much bleaker — left to spend the rest of her days in an institution without the prospect of a normal life.

According to "Rostok", there are 140 specialized orphanages in Russia that collectively care for 23,000 children with special needs. The "Rostok" team has successfully placed over 60 children with special needs from the Belskoye Ustie Orphanage in foster homes. In addition, "Rostok" maintains 5 social apartments for orphanage graduates, where youngsters with special needs are primed on how to care for themselves independently, to conquer their disabilities, and to take vocational training workshops helmed by the Center.

Alexei Mikhailuk, member of RCWS Russia Advisory Board has been personally sponsoring and assisting "Rostok" for over 10 years. He was recently recognized for his indispensable commitment to the cause by being chosen to carry the torch at the XI Paralympic Games in Sochi. The Governor of Pskov recently also recognized the important work of "Rostok" by covering the organization’s administrative expenses for this year.

Julia’s story illustrates that our joint efforts and your support make the impossible possible. We are fortunate to have people like Alexei Mikhailuk on the RCWS team to inspire others and support those who otherwise have no support.

This past February, the RCWS lost its President, Vladimir "Wally" Fekula, who was the vibrant force behind the RCWS initiatives. The Board of Directors hopes to continue his legacy and help more children like Julia. Any small contribution can potentially change the course of a child’s life.

We appreciate all of your support and wish you and your family a most joyous and peaceful Easter!

Igor P. Holodny


Medical Programs:

RCWS improves the lives of thousands of children at risk in Russia by funding their medical care and supplemental training of the doctors who serve them.

Scholarship Project:

In 2003, RCWS launched a scholarship program to help orphans attain higher education. It has been enormously successful, providing a complete support structure to students as they transition from living in an orphanage to independent life…

Orphanages and Homeless Shelters:

Our goal is to enable orphanages to meet basic needs, and to promote comprehensive programs that help orphans develop into healthy and independent adults…

Annual New Year's Party for Orphans in Moscow:

What began as a modest venture less than 10 years ago has grown into very important and highly anticipated celebration for children in Russia…

Rehabilitation Centers for Disabled Children:

Treatment of children with mental or physical disabilities is limited in Russia. RCWS continues to support rehabilitation centers that provide these children with educational activities, vocational training, art therapy and innovative horse therapy….


The Russian Children’s Welfare Society is dedicated to improving the lives of disadvantaged children living in Russia. Founded in 1926, RCWS has since funded numerous programs and supported orphanages, hospitals, educational institutions, and rehabilitation centers that enhance the individual and social welfare of Russian children. Learn More...

What Your Donation Can Do...

would provide lunches for one child at a school during one full academic year.

will cover a blood sugar monitoring device that will serve 25 orphans with diabetes.

will provide a new bed for a child at an orphanage. Many orphans sleep on beds that were purchased 20-25 years ago and no longer meet sanitary or safety requirements.

will cover a sewing machine for an orphanage allowing teens to make their own clothing and obtain vocational training skills.

will cover an annual supply of vitamins for 50 orphans.

will cover an industrial washing machine for an orphanage that takes care of over 100 children, where laundry is still done by hands.

will cover an annual scholarship for an orphanage graduate. Learn more...

will restore the life of a child with severe facial deformity. There is a waiting list at the Moscow Center for Children's Maxillofacial Surgery for children in need of reconstructive surgeries. Learn more...

will cover a minivan for an orphanage in a rural area, providing kids with an opportunity to visit distant educational, cultural and/or medical facilities.


Read stories about how RCWS has helped children and students prevail. Read more

Other Ways You Can Help

RCWS has always received support from artists and others who have, among other things, performed at various RCWS fundraisers including the Petroushka Ball.


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