Russian Children's Welfare Society

The Russian Children’s Welfare Society is a public charity exempt from income, gift, and estate taxes under section 501©(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Its federal tax identification number is 13–5562332.

What Your Donation Can Do...

will provide one child with school lunch for a full academic year.

will cover a blood sugar monitoring device that will serve 25 orphans with diabetes.

will provide a new bed for a child at an orphanage. Many orphans sleep on beds that were purchased 20-25 years ago and no longer meet sanitary or safety requirements.

will cover a sewing machine for an orphanage allowing teens to make their own clothing and obtain vocational training skills.

will cover an annual supply of vitamins for 50 orphans.

will cover an industrial washing machine for an orphanage that takes care of over 100 children, where laundry is still done by hand.

will cover an annual scholarship for an orphanage graduate. Learn more...

will restore the life of a child with severe facial deformity. There is a waiting list at the Moscow Center for Children's Maxillofacial Surgery for children in need of reconstructive surgeries. Learn more...

will cover a minivan for an orphanage in a rural area, providing kids with an opportunity to visit distant educational, cultural and/or medical facilities.

RCWS relies on private donations to support its various programs. Learn More...


Orphanges and Homeless Shelters:

Your donation will help with meeting the orphanages’ basic needs (food, heat, bedding, clothing, transportation, etc.) and establish vocational training programs. Your support will provide homeless kids with medical care, therapy, food & shelter.

Medical Assistance:

Your contribution will help us provide medical care to children suffering from severe facial deformities and other debilitating conditions. RCWS also sponsors medical and diagnostic equipment training exchange programs for Russian doctors and medical symposiums.

Scholarship Programs:

You could sponsor a full scholarship or just a portion of the expense allowing an intellectually outstanding student from an orphanage in Pskov, Yaroslavl, Moscow or Novgorod to attend a local college and receive a profession. Our guidance counselors assist the RCWS in seeing that the students have a smooth transition and use their stipend for food, books, clothing, school supplies and proper housing, as well as to provide them with necessary moral support in a challenging new environment. RCWS is currently supporting 86 students.

Rehabilitation Centers for Disabled Children:

With your help, we will continue to provide treatment to children with mental or physical disabilities. RCWS supports rehabilitation centers that offer educational activities, vocational training, legal advice, art therapy sessions, psychological assistance, sport and music lessons to children with disabilities.

Annual New Year's Party for Orphans in Moscow:

Your gift could bring the joy and happiness of Christmas to an orphan or sick child. In December 2015, RCWS brought Christmas to over 1000 orphans and sick children in Russia with the help of our kind supporters.