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Latest News

2016 RCWS New Year Party for Orphans in Moscow

January 10, 2017

2016 Yelka Event17 years ago, RCWS organized its first "Yelka", a modest Russian Christmas and New Year’s Party in Moscow. This past December eight hundred children from more than twenty of RCWS partner organisations from Moscow, Tula, Yaroslavl, Moscow Oblast, Ryazan and Kislovodsk attended the show Snow Queen in the Big Circus at Vernadsky. Read more

The Hearts of Kindness celebration

September 15, 2016
the Bobrovsky Orphanage in Pskov

On September 15th, our colleagues and volunteers at the Pskov Children’s Fund visited the little residents of the Bobrovsky Orphanage in Pskov for the Hearts of Kindness celebration. Specially trained therapy dogs took part in this mission and played with the kids. Over 100 children with special needs (4-18 y.o) currently live at the Bobrovsky Orphanage and were trilled to participate in the festivities.

A Reunion for the RCWS Scholarship Recipients

July 04, 2016
The RCWS scholarship project

The RCWS has made it a tradition to gather its scholarship recipients for a reunion every summer. Students come together to reflect on their past year, catch up with one another, introduce themselves to new members of the program and meet those who have completed their studies, receive their diplomas.

This year’s reunion took place on July 1st in Pleskov, a scenic retreat overlooking the Pskov Lake. In addition to the diploma ceremony, students took it upon themselves to put together a performance program that included music, singing, poetry, dance and games.

The RCWS scholarship project was started in 2003 to not only support orphanage graduates pursuing education but to help them transition to adult life. Currently, we have 86 students in the Pskov, Moscow, Yaroslavl, and Velikiy Novgorod regions. In the 13 years since the scholarship program’s inception, there have been 76 participants in Pskov region, 41 of whom have already graduated and gone on to pursue an array of professions. The scholarship recipients receive a monthly stipend for living expenses that allows them to focus exclusively on their course work. More importantly, however, they are closely guided by their mentors who are always there to listen and provide the necessary support to help the children flourish and feel cared for.

Christina BaryshnikovaOne of RCWS scholarship participants in Pskov, Christina Baryshnikova recently wrote "This past year I felt like I entered unchartered territories. New friendships, new surroundings, my first year as an adult living independently. Learning how to prioritize and plan my spending responsibly took some getting used to but I quickly learned after the first month. Thank you for choosing me as one of the RCWS scholarship recipients! I wanted to also thank you for the student’s reunion celebration! I felt like even the people I saw for the first time were longtime friends who were near and dear. The performances organized by the other students were spectacular! I consider myself lucky to know there are people who want to help us, give us opportunities, encourage us to bring our dreams to life. Thank you RCWS!"

A Farm Equipment for the Opochka Orphanage

April 19, 2016
A New Car For The Krasnogorodsky Orphanage

We are happy to report that thanks to our donor’s support RCWS was able to sponsor the urgently needed farm equipment for the Opochka Orphanage in Pskov. Launching a new agricultural program would enable the older students to learn basic farming, introduce them to the mechanics of modern farming equipment, give them a skill set that will help with integration, help soon to be graduates acquire jobs in an agricultural related field and increase the yield of the orphanage’s garden.

The Opochka Specialized Orphanage is taking care of 100 children with mild disabilities and integration problems. In addition to basic education, the children are taught carpentry, bricklaying, painting, dressmaking and cooking to ease their eventual transition into adulthood and employment.
RCWS has been the assisting the Opochka Orphanage since the year 2001 and we are very proud of their student’s achievements and new programs established at the facility.

51th Petroushka Ball

February 5, 2016
Petroushka Ball

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The 51st Petroushka Ball drew over 700 guests for a spirited night of celebration on February 5th, 2016 at The Plaza Hotel in New York. Both longstanding supporters and newcomers toasted to the Russian Children’s Welfare Society’s 90th birthday and rejoiced in the night’s festivities.

The Ball was not only a uniquely elegant affair but also a surprisingly electric one, with traditional Russian and gypsy dances going well into the morning hours to the sound of vibrant folk and balalaika music. Among the highlights of the night was a set of performances from Metropolitan Opera’s baritone Rodion Pogossov and soprano Olga Mykytenko. Read more