Sponsors of the Event


schlumbergerSchlumberger — Vienna, Austria is the official sparkling wine of the 52nd Annual Petroushka Ball. Founded by Robert Alwin Schlumberger in 1842, Schlumberger is the oldest and most tradition-conscious producer of sparkling wine in Austria. Every single sparkling masterpiece is composed of 100% premium Austrian wine which is produced according to the Méthode Traditionelle, the classic champagne method. Schlumberger consists of a decadent line of sparkling wines that prove that it is also possible to produce sparkling wines in Austria, that are of such high quality and perfection that they may proudly stand alongside those from Champagne. Schlumberger: Brilliant, sparkling, harmonious and exceptionally tasteful.

Caviar & More

caviar Among the raffle prizes and special gifts for our dinner guests at the Petroushka Ball are products generously provided by the Caviar & More by Marky’s

Mamont Siberian Vodka

Mamont Siberian Vodka Discover the Spirit of Adventure — Mamont Siberian Vodka, Official Vodka of the 52nd Annual Petroushka Ball.
Visit the Mamont Siberian Vodka station at the Terrace Room, serving complimentary vodka drinks during the Petroushka Ball.

Jewel Mania

Jewel Mania Jewel Mania — Luxury Fashion Jewelry, an official partner of the 52nd Annual Petroushka Ball will be featuring the Winter Edition collection, inspired by Art Deco architecture of New York.
Jewel Mania is a designer fashion jewelry brand founded in 2013 in Moscow by Ekaterina Rakhmanova presents the selection of exquisite classic and trendy pieces. The production process is identical to that of high-end precious jewelry — from the in-house designs to cutting and setting the stones.
Experience the refined original designs at the 52nd Annual Petroushka Ball on February 10th at the Plaza Hotel!

Château Mukhrani

Chateau MukhraniChâteau Mukhrani — The Finest Wines of Georgia, Official Vineyard of the 52nd Annual Petroushka Ball.
This year we will be featuring Château Mukhrani Saperavi and Goruli Mtsvane at the Petroushka Ball.
Château Mukhrani Saperavi is a dry red wine that is Georgia’s endemic red grape varietal and has all the noble characteristics making it one of the world’s most outstanding red wines. The Saperavi grape is native to Georgia and is one of the world’s oldest grape varieties still used to make wine dating back to between 6000–5000 BC.
Château Mukhrani Goruli Mtsvane is a dry white wine that is Georgia’s endemic and unique white grape varietal which has proven itself through the centuries and has always been delivering refreshing and memorable wines. In the Georgian language Mtsvani means new, young and green.

Special Thanks

The Russian Children’s Welfare Society expresses its sincerest thanks to those generous and wonderful people who have put in numerous hours and a valiant effort to make this evening not only possible, but also special: