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Feedback from RCWS Grant Recipients

Children from all over Russia show their appreciation to RCWS for our efforts to improve their lives. Below is a small sample of the responses we received from them.

Thank you Letter from Pskov

Krasnogorodsky Specialized Orphanage, Pskov

Thank You Letter from Governor of Pskov Region

Governor of Pskov Region

Thank You Letter from  Kitezh

Kitezh Children's Community, Kaluga Region

Thank You Letter from Krasnogorodsky Specialized Orphanage

Krasnogorodsky Specialized Orphanage, Pskov

Students of Pushkin school

Students from Pushkin School turn out to show their thanks

an Orphan's drawing

Happy Childhood, a drawing by a young RCWS beneficiary

Thank You Letter from Mozhaisk's prison

Mozhaisk Prison

Thank You Letter from Pytalovo Specialized Orphanage

Pytalovo Specialized Orphanage,
Pskov region


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