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Rehabilitation Centers

I'm so glad that now I can work with my teacher on the speech therapy training machine Delfa 142. I grasp things quicker and now I get a lot of A's on my report card. I send a huge thanks to RCWS!

— Ekaterina Dudenko, Pskov Region

Rehabilitation Centers for the Disabled
or Mentally Challenged

Treatment for children with mental or physical disabilities is currently limited in Russia, and societal prejudices do not allow for their integration into society. Parents often give up disabled children at birth, and for those who keep their children, there is little outside support in the form of special schools or services. To help foster the type of services and protection these children need, RCWS has supported several excellent programs that are trying attend to children with special needs.

The "Inspiration" Rehabilitation Center outside of Moscow is one such organization that has received RCWS assistance. This facility offers a unique approach to treating children and teens with psychiatric and psychological issues. The Center’s programs include art therapy sessions, educational activities, music lessons, and sports activities. The Center plans to help patients to further their education, secure housing and receive legal advice. Inspiration’s goal is to help the youngsters to deal with their problems, and to develop positive behaviors that will help prepare them for independent living. Many of the children are orphans, or have escaped abusive home environments and need stability and treatment options beyond the means of the local psychiatric hospital.

Because nothing can replace a real home and loving parents, we also support an innovative program by Father Ilya Dorogoychenko that seeks local adoptive parents for children in crisis. Father Ilya feels it is important that we do not "create one more shelter that will just increase the number of abandoned children. Even in our poor little township it is possible to find adoptive parents for our kids."

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