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New Year Party

We thank you and all RCWS benefactors so much for the trip we were able to make to Moscow through your efforts and kindness to us! We are so lucky that there are people in this world who live in order to create such wonderful holidays for children.

— Tatiana M. Zaveleskaya, Teacher, Idritsky Orphanage, Pskov region

2016 RCWS New Year Party for Orphans in Moscow

2016 Yelka Event17 years ago, RCWS organized its first "Yelka", a modest Russian Christmas and New Year’s Party in Moscow. This past December eight hundred children from more than twenty of RCWS partner organisations from Moscow, Tula, Yaroslavl, Moscow Oblast, Ryazan and Kislovodsk attended the show Snow Queen in the Big Circus at Vernadsky. Andersen’s popular fairy tale was brilliantly performed and turned into a combination of a musical, balley and sports. When the arena was in a twinkle transformed into a skating ring and the huge polar bears began sliding lying flat on their bellies the circus exploded with laughter. The animals did not want to leave the arena and enjoyed the beaching on the cold ice.

2016 Yelka RCWS personnel together with "Ded Moroz" (Russian Santa Claus), also visited Professor Roginsky’s patients at the Moscow Center for Maxillofacial Surgery. There were teenagers among them but they had fun together with the younger kids and obviously enjoyed every minute of the festivity. The sweet gifts packed in the lovely decorated tin boxes were given to every child by Ded Moroz. Apart from it RCWS staff forwarded a set of table games, kind of Lego units for assembling various cartoon figures, etc. to the game room. Every child had a chance to collect any toy or book to be taken home. The children willingly recited poems, danced and sang. Thus the New Year magic brought light to the hospital wards.

Elka in ShaturaFinally RCWS personnel delivered the sweets and the toys to the Internat for 150 children with learning disabilities in a small town of Shatura, Moscow Oblast. Ded Moroz, Snegurochka and other folklore figures were the elder children. They conducted the performance with great enthusiasm and fun.

About 1000 orphans and children with disabilities have benefited from our charitable Christmas program this season.